Saturday, July 20, 2013

So, I recently decided that I am going to just put myself out there and try something new.  So I saw a post on Facebook for a design team call and I thought, I LOVE their products, I have a TON of them, so WHY NOT??!!  I gathered my courage, poured it out on a page layout and took the plunge!  I am a huge fan of Stickles.  What?!? You don't know what Stickles are???  Really!!!  Let me show you what you have been missing...

This pretty hibiscus flower die cut is, well, pretty.  BUT, when you add Stickles to it, it is GORGEOUS!  It now sparkles and pops off the page.  Stickles is this wonderful glitter glue that adds fun to everything it you do. What's not to love!  :)  When I first saw this stuff a few years ago, I was instantly hooked and knew I had to have more.  I have lots of colors and can
t wait for them to make new ones to add to my hoard, I mean collection.  Enjoy and go Stickle something!